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Do you feel like your home is getting  too small for your family needs? Don’t think of moving! Add on! From creating space for the newest member of the family, enlarging the dinning area to host more people, remodeling the kitchen space to enlarging the living room area. More space in your  home means comfort. With unlimited options to pick from, Top General Contractors Queens will help you get the added room to accommodate your extra needs.

There is no need of moving when you can add an extra room. Are you expecting an additional family member and need an extra bedroom? Is your current space becoming congested due to the growth of your family? There are numerous reasons that can make you want to add an extra room. Regardless the reasons, Top General contractors Queens will help you with the process of home remodeling and making  your space accommodate your needs. We give the best home addition services in Queen NY.


Why Choose Home Addition Services?

We understand that choosing a home addition service is a big decision – we understand that. Here are some reasons that you can opt for home addition services rather than moving.

Less expensive than a Complete move

A complete move comes with added expenses. When you choose home addition services, you only incur the project cost and at the same time increase the worth of your home.

Add Space

Do you feel like your home is getting small for your family needs? Home addition services will help you solve the problem. Once complete, you will have the extra space to  manage and suit your needs.

Choose to Rent the Added Space

Do yo want to add some cash on your monthly income? If you are living in an area where rental space is in demand, you can consider home addition services. This can be the best way to make some extra cash.

Less Hassle

Moving is a fun and exciting process. But, think about the packing and organizing process. The moving  process is a tedious and stressful. On the other hand, home additions lets you stay while we remodel and transform your space to suit your needs.

More rooms for Guests

Do you have space for your guests? Home additions will help you redesign your space and add an extra room for your guests. Cramping in a small space will be a gone case!

Get a totally Customized Space

Home additions help you redesign your space. Whether you need extra rooms or to add on due necessity.Top General Contractors Queens will help you transform your dream space to reality.

Our Home Addition Services

Whether you want to add a completely new wing in your home or simply add an extra room, our experts will guide you and take you thought the whole process. Our home additions services include ( but are not limited to);

Master bedrooms

Build or remodel the master bedroom of your dreams.  A place you can relax and unwind after a stressful day. Doing this will not only improve your home but also add value to your home.

Family Rooms

A family room is essential for a family that has children. This is the place where the whole family spends their time together. Having one will help you not to worry about messing your living room.


Is your bathroom big enough to accommodate your growing family? Whether you want another bathroom in your home or want to make the existing one luxurious – bathroom remodeling, we can take you through the process.

Second Storey Additions

Don’t worry about your limited space. If you do not have space for additions, go up! A second storey additions will help you add that extra room without worrying about exterior space.

Garage Additions

Winter in Queens, New York can be rough. You can soften the experience by building a garage to store your car during the winter months. Hurray! No more snow scraping.

Great Ideas For Home Additions

Do you want to utilize and expand your space and do not have the addition ideas. Here are things you should consider;

  • Expand and modify your kitchen into an Ear-in-style kitchen
  • Build a  large family room.
  • Redesign and expand your master bedroom into a luxurious getaway.
  • Add a second story to accommodate the  additional rooms.

If you need a home addition in the future, please get in touch with us for a perfect job. No only will we create more than an additional space but also make the whole home remodeling process an experience of a lifetime.

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