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Did you finally land yourself a house in the perfect neighborhood after a long search? And now everything about that area is just what you have been looking for. You can see yourself planting your roots and bringing up your children there. Everything is just right. Except one thing. The entire interior of the house calls for some changes. Our expertise in home remodeling and renovation will give you precise results you are looking to see in your new home.There’s nothing that makes the ownership of a home more rewarding than when a home renovation has you choosing the style and design of your own personalized space to suit your own inspiration.

With time, even the best style and decor can feel old, monotonous and boring after many years. Styles and designs could have since evolved. Or maybe your needs have changed because now the children are all grown up. It may even be time to make room for all the comfort and caution and safety that comes with your perfect retirement home.

Why General Contractors?


Because you need not approach multiple suppliers or interior designers for different types of work. Right from flooring, plastering, tiling, and wallpapers, to painting, plumbing, heating, or carpentry, we provide you access to the right set of tools, talent, and resources to enable a first rate result.

If you want a bigger home remodeling project like home extension, addition of new buildings around the property or loft conversions, we will assign you a team of highly specialized professionals. They will work with you right from the initial assessment of your property stability and feasibility study to making only the best quality materials, equipment, products, and tools available for you.

If you need a specific job done, like bathroom renovation or kitchen remodeling instead of the entire property, then we will provide you with a great quote for the same. We will recommend the best materials and tools you will need to bring that long-ignored space up-to-date with international interior design trends.

The swift, efficient, and affordable services we provide at General Contractors is a great differentiator that helps us stand apart from our competitors in Queens, New York.


Why Renovate Your Home?


There is an entire plethora of reasons why you should renovate your home besides keeping it efficient and attractive. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

To Increase the Functional Space

Your house may be getting too small for your family making it difficult to live comfortably.  You need home renovation to add the number of bathrooms, bedrooms or the living area.


To Upgrade the House

It may feel like it’s time to finally add on some personal space for certain functions. Perhaps a patio, home deck or you want to convert your basement into something more functional than just storage space. Our expertise and craftsmanship will help you achieve this.


To Eliminate Signs of Flaws

Everything wears out in time. There may be cracks in walls and ceilings, a leaking roof and peeling paint or traces of mildew everywhere. These are signs that your house is doddering. These signs could prevent you from inviting friends and family over to your house. The value of your house at this point is also affected.At this point, it’s time you put some serious thought into renovating your home.

In Queens, New York, home renovation and remodeling is a common practice by home owners looking to sell. With our pro’s handling the job, our high quality workmanship will transform your home into an asset, increasing its resale value significantly. Nobody wants to buy a house that looks and feels as old.


To Bring the Life Back to Your Home

With time, even the best style and decor can feel old, monotonous and boring. Styles and designs could have since evolved leaving your house feeling and looking dull, humdrum, and musty. The appearance of the floor and ceiling, the vibrancy of your walls, lights, and overall ambiance can become banal. A renovation to bring it back to life is exactly what your home requires.

To Cut Costs

Are utility costs getting too high? There is nothing like CFL or LED lights when it comes to lowering energy costs. At General Contractors, we install water and energy saving devices that will not only lower your costs, but will also add that classy stylish look that your home deserves.

Whatever your home renovation needs may be, at Top General Contractors, we will undertake your home renovation project and partner with you to see your vision turn into reality. From home additions , kitchen renovation to home remodeling, our skilled team of professionals will take care of your needs and give you the results you desire.

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