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Home renovation is often a necessary process in improving your living space to suit your aesthetic and comfort needs. It improves on your existing home space by giving it that cosmetic change you are looking for. But what if what you need is something more radical? What if a structural, more permanent change is what’s required? Then, it’s time for you to do some home remodeling.

Most home remodeling projects are a result of an increased need for space. Perhaps your family has increased in size and your current home layout no longer fulfills your needs. At this point you may need a partial or whole home remodel.

Maybe it’s time that small closed-off room opened up into a larger flowing space. Or some kitchenremodeling will give you that extra pantry you’ve been dying for. Could it finally be the time to turn your basement into that man-cave or theatre room you have been dreaming about? Whatever your needs are, at Top General Contractors Queens,we’ve got you covered.


How To Remodel Your Home

Among the many decisions that go into a home remodeling project, like how much of your home to renovate and the intended end result, one things for sure. Remodeling your home is always an investment worth making. Any improvement you make to your home not only works towards elevating its functionality, but also raises its value tremendously.

Have a Plan

Remodeling your home shouldn’t be a spur of the moment idea. After all, it is a permanent and costly venture. You don’t want to be making changes halfway through the project. Put some serious thought into it, do some research and discuss it with your family or significant other. It works best when everyone’s needs are put into consideration.


Have a Vision

You may want to look at some magazines, visit some home improvement stores or do some online digging. Looking at a variety of options and will inspire you and give you ideas. Be clear about what fits into your budget or if the changes you intend to make work with the layout of your house. Does it add to functionality? Decide what to prioritize before making definite plans.


Size, Style and Design

How much of your home do you intend to remodel? Is it every room or just some kitchen and bathroom remodeling?  Will you have it done on the existing square footage or will you add a room or storey? Do you have the required permits and neighborhoods consent? These are some of the questions that need answers before we undertake your home remodeling project.


The decision makers in your home need to agree on the style and design they want. In reality, you want a design that will stay in style for some years to come. No need to renovate a short while after remodeling is there?

As much as we all love to customize, be careful not to overdo it. That could be a problem when you want to re-sell. When it comes to style and design, keep it functional and practical, and stylish yet classy.


From the luxuries and customization that you pick to the size and design you desire, the sky is the limit when it comes to a budget. Question is, how much can you afford to spend on your home remodeling?

If somewhere down the line you realize that your vision is way bigger than your purse, scale back. The other option would be proceeding with part of the project. On a later date when more funds are available, you can pick up where you left off. It will take you longer but you will still achieve your goal in the end.

Remember to have a contingency plan of 10-20% of the budget available for needs that often arise during the home remodeling project.

Why Us?

Hiring Top General Contractor Queens is the best decision you will ever make. We are your invaluable partner in home remodeling and renovations. Not only will we  give you professional advice on what does and doesn’t work but also also give you suggestions for design, style and the current technology in home improvement.

However large or overwhelming a home remodeling project may seem to you, our team of professionals will work tirelessly and efficiently to seamlessly transform your living space into exactly what you envision it to be.

Your home should be your haven and at Top General Contractors Queens, this is exactly what we aspire to turn it into. Contact us now and let’s partner with you in this journey.

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